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Heavily weighted: Five standards for photovoltaic inverters, components, and grid-connected systems were approved for implementation from July 1st

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       On April 12, the International Energy Network learned from the website of the National Energy Administration that the National Energy Administration was based on the " and Notice of the Implementation Rules" (State Council of Science and Technology [2009] No. 52) (Abbreviation Standard) relevant regulations, approval of 168 industry standards, including 5 photovoltaic industry standards。 

  They are: photovoltaic grid-connected micro-inverter technical specifications; photovoltaic module power optimizer technical specifications; photovoltaic grid-connected inverter technical specifications; photovoltaic power station equipment post-evaluation procedures; It involves five aspects: photovoltaic power plant component installation, inverter, component screening, photovoltaic grid-connected and later operation and maintenance. It will play a positive role in regulating the photovoltaic market, curbing the industry's lack of standards, low installation barriers, confusion in the use of components, and lack of chaos in late-stage operation and maintenance. All standards will be implemented from July 1。 
  The original is as follows: 
  Pursuant to the “Regulations of the National Energy Administration on Printing and Distributing the Industry's Standardized Management Methods for Energy Sector (Trial)> and Implementation Regulations” (Guangxi Bureau of Science and Technology [2009] No. 52), after review, the National Energy Administration approved “Wind turbine vibration 168 industry standards such as “Guidelines for Status Evaluation”, including 56 energy standards (NB) and 112 power standards (DL), are now being issued。
  National Energy Board
  April 3, 2018


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