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In 2018, there is huge room for development of household PV market

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       By the end of the year, the photovoltaic industry has once again demonstrated a prosperous aspect. Various industry conferences are overwhelming, and various interpretations have been reported one after another. There are new people, cross-border, and more old faces in the venue. The reason why the industry conference is so hot at the end of the year is that there is an important reason for the huge uncertainty of 2018, and for the data and the future.

       The only certainty is that the industry is prosperous. The rapid development of distributed photovoltaics has attracted a large number of cross-border players and entered the field of photovoltaics. Photovoltaics finally entertains itself from the tallest, enters the streets and lanes, and becomes household investment products and consumer goods.

       The prosperity of the conference, the subversion of the industry

  Participating players may not feel that the crowds and companies that have entered the industry's protagonists are gradually changing. Photovoltaic power is no longer the backbone of the Northwest Power Plant. The distribution of roofs in the central and eastern regions is becoming the mainstream of investment. What attracts more attention is Zhejiang and Shandong. The rapid development of home photovoltaics in provinces and cities such as Hebei, Guangdong, etc., and the business model provided by new energy represented by photovoltaics give people a great imagination. 
  The prosperity of the conference more reflects the fact that the industry is subverting. The photovoltaic power station participants we have traditionally faced have become civilians who have no experience in photovoltaic industry. They are able to accept photovoltaics, indicating that this technology is moving from experimental products and investment products to household consumer products. 
  What can the people accept that PV depends on?
       Many years ago, our friends in the country certainly did not expect that photovoltaics would one day change from financial investment products to wealth management products that could be purchased by individual households. Although the profits were not particularly high, they were still stable for a long time. For industrial and commercial enterprises with large power demand, photovoltaic power generation is a good project for stable cash flow when funds are abundant. In addition to the financial support, the emergence of various types of photovoltaic loans has allowed us to see a prospect that only exists overseas. 
  So what can the ordinary people accept that PV depends? The author summarizes three reasons. First, the country strongly supports; secondly, the central and local media have reported vigorously; and thirdly, grid support.
  In addition, the electricity subsidies granted to the residents are not in arrears, and they can be paid quarterly or monthly. This special treatment gives ordinary people great satisfaction. 
  Household photovoltaic subversion is a way of thinking
  Many people in the industry do not have the transition from technology-oriented and investment-oriented thinking. The ordinary people value their experience, safety, stability, and convenience. Traditional photovoltaics are not standardized, and they are also troublesome to maintain. 
  The face of the crowd is not the same, the traditional photovoltaic companies in the promotion of household photovoltaic, but also difficult. To really fulfill the supremacy of user experience, there is still some way to go in the photovoltaic industry, and more importantly, the way of thinking changes.


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